Looking for an MBA program that lets you tailor your curriculum to match your career objectives? Then Illinois is right for you. Not only do we offer exceptional academic opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, but we give you the flexibility to choose how best to put those opportunities to work for you.

You can pursue a traditional MBA area of concentration, such as marketing, finance, operations, or general management, or you can customize an area of concentration that best meets your needs and will help you achieve your goals. View examples of MBA areas of concentration.

The Illinois MBA also gives you the option of earning a joint degree, combining your interest in business with your passion for other academic disciplines, such as engineering, architecture, social work, and many other subjects.

Curriculum Overview

At Illinois, we teach you the business fundamentals that will prepare you for the competitive global workplace, and we offer you the flexibility to personalize your MBA curriculum to meet your needs.

The first-year core curriculum focuses on essential business topics that provide a solid foundation so you can tackle more complex business challenges.

During the second year, you have the flexibility to customize your area of concentration by taking business and non-business courses.

First-Year Core Curriculum

The first year of the MBA is composed of 40 hours (32 required hours and 8 elective hours) that will give you a strong, well-rounded business foundation. The first year curriculum is challenging and intense, but at the end of your first year, you will have the skills needed to take more advanced business courses. The sequencing of first-year core curriculum courses is subject to change each academic year.

First Semester

MBA 501 Foundations of Business I · First 8 weeks
Accounting I, Marketing, Economics, Data Analysis, and Leading People & Organizations
10 hours
MBA 502 Foundations of Business II · Second 8 weeks
Accounting II, Marketing, Organizational Theory & Design, Manufacturing & Service Processes, and Professional Communication
10 hours
Total: 20 hours

Second Semester

MBA 503 Principles and Processes of Management I · First 8 weeks
Finance I, Ethical Leadership, Business Strategy
6 hours
MBA 505 Topics in Management · First 8 weeks
Each topic completed constitutes 2 hours of credit. Examples of topic options include Management of Technology, Project Management, Sustainable Marketing Enterprises, Strategic Thinking, Global Economy, and Study Abroad (course completed during winter break)
4 hours
MBA 504 Principles of Processes of Management II
Finance II and Global Strategy
4 hours
MBA 505 Topics in Management · Second 8 weeks
Each topic completed constitutes 2 hours of credit. Examples of topic options include Decision & Risk Analysis, Operations Analysis, Negotiations, Quantitative Methods in Finance, and Enterprise IT Strategy
6 hours
Total: 20 hours

Second-Year Flexible Curriculum

Today’s competitive business climate calls for experts. And that’s what the second year of the Illinois MBA is all about, developing your expertise. We want you to select your second year courses based on your own interests and career goals so that you’re ready to take on the competition and be a business leader.

During your second year, you will take a minimum of 32 hours. Of those 32 hours, 16 must be business hours and the other 16 hours can be earned by taking business or non-business courses. View a list of business courses, any course 500 level and above in BADM or FIN are possible business courses for the second-year. Having the option to take courses outside the College of Business is what makes the Illinois MBA so unique. The University of Illinois is the home to many top ranked academic programs, such as Engineering, Agriculture and Consumer Economics, and Law, and we want you to take advantage of all that this institution has to offer! The second year flexible curriculum allows you to get creative and develop skills and in-depth knowledge that will prepare you for a successful career.

Video Link: Learn more about the Illinois MBA curriculum.